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American social media star Grace Charis is also an entrepreneur, Instagram model, golf influencer, and model. She gained a lot of notoriety on Instagram and TikTok by posting videos of herself playing golf and modeling. How old is Grace Charis? Find out more. Find out about the young star’s past.

About of Grace Charis

Originated Early in life, Charis took up golf in Newport Beach, California in 2002, and after graduating from high school, she dedicated herself to the game full-time. In February 2022, she joined Instagram and started posting videos and images of herself playing golf on TikTok and YouTube. She attained the milestone of one million followers on TikTok and Instagram quite quickly, and as of 2024, she has more than two million followers on both platforms.

Full nameGrace Charis Smith
Date of birth21 November, 2002
Age22 years
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthNewport Beach, California, United States
Current residenceNewport Beach, California, United States
Ethnicity White 
Religion Christianity 
Sexuality Straight 
Height 5’6
Weight 55kgs
Relationship status Single 
Profession Golf player, influencer, entrepreneur
Net worth$1 million

Grace Charis’s Early Life

grace charis

There are few details regarding Grace Charis’s early life, however, she grew up in Newport Beach, California, United States, where she was affected by the cultural richness and diversity of her surroundings. Her formative years were marked by a strong love of books and a keen awareness of societal issues, which would later define the topics of her novels.

GraceCharis, now 22, developed her love of writing at a young age, inspired by authors who caught the intricacies of human emotions and societal dynamics. This early passion inspired her to seek a profession in storytelling, motivated by a desire to reveal the human condition through her stories.

Grace Charis’s Education

After her early golfing successes, Grace continued on to study business administration at Singapore Administration University. Her school background has tremendously improved her ability to manage the business part of her profession, and it has been quite helpful in her later endeavors as an entrepreneur and content provider.

Grace Charis’s Career

GraceCharis is a multifaceted individual who has worked in a range of fields, including entrepreneurship, golf, content development, and social media impact. She has made a significant impact on a variety of industries as a result of her tireless efforts and entrepreneurial spirit.

Grace Charis is a successful entrepreneur with a keen business sense and the ability to identify market trends. Her passion for innovation and customer-centric solutions has been evident in all of her successful ventures, ranging from creative startups to well-established businesses.

Along with her professional endeavors, GraceCharis is an avid and devoted golfer. Her dedication to the game of golf has enhanced not only her physical prowess but also provided her with the opportunity to socialize with other players and uphold the fundamental values of discipline and sportsmanship.

Grace Charis’s Relationship

The social media celebrity has spoken nothing about issues concerning the heart. None of her posts on social media seem to involve a love partner, in contrast to other celebrities who talk about their relationships there. 

Grace Charis’s Net Worth

Grace Charis’s net worth is say to be one million dollars. This astonishing number has been make possible by her successful golf career, her popular social media presence, and her multiple business ventures. Grace works with upscale brands, sells accessories and cosmetics, and creates videos for OnlyFans and YouTube. She is a contemporary influencer and businesswoman, and her many revenue sources show that she is adept in both the internet and golf industries.


Last but not least, acclaimed writer Grace Charis’ books have addressed vital problems such as identity, resilience, and the human condition, so improving literature as a whole. Charis has demonstrated a strong commitment to using storytelling as a vehicle for social change and personal development throughout her career, which began in humble beginnings and continues to this day as a well-known writer and activist. Her novels transport readers to a world where empathy and compassion are value, expressing the timeless principles that define the human spirit. We are inspire and drive by Grace Charis’ legacy, which serves as a constant reminder of the power of words to bring people together and underscore our shared humanity.


Does Grace Charis actually play golf?

Absolutely, Grace Charis is a legitimate player—and a very good one at that.

How is Grace Charis compensate?

Grace Charis generates revenue via her social media presence, business ventures, and professional golf career.

What is Grace Charis’s height?

Grace Charis has a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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