The Elegance of 5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring on Hand

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An oval shaped five carat diamond ring on the hand, that was the feeling of wearing an item of sheer sophistication and class. This piece is just as much a brooch as it is a statement and quite the intriguing one at that. In this article you will learn about the significance of the 5 carat oval diamond ring and how it turns any outfit into a royal masterpiece of style and elegance.

Why is a 5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring on Hand so special?

Let’s stipulate a woman has the urge to possess a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand. In this regard, the oval cut itself is recognized for combining aspects of brilliance and elegance. While selecting a round cut diamond for an engagement ring, an oval diamond looks a little larger due to its elongated structure. This is the reason that when purchasing a diamond, a five carat oval shaped diamond contains not only a large carat weight but also appears even larger when worn on a hand.

The Perfect Fit: Pear Shaped Rings

That is why the simplest symbol – a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand – is always mesmerizing as it is ideally complementing the human hand. I also particularly noted the oval shape that is suitable for any finger and which creates a slimming effect to the hand. Because of this, it is acclaimed for those who would want to express themselves in a statement that is audacious but fashionable. If you put on a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand it sets off a reaction, people look at it marveling at its brilliance and shape.

Versatility and Style

Having a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand is appropriate for any style you want to pull off. In the case of solitaire or side stones or halo, the oval diamond cuts through the lot with resplendent beauty. Thanks to its oval shape it can be set up in a number of different ways which only can improve its looks. Picture this: oversized and fabulous is a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand, that sits prettily on a pave band which imparts an old world charm. An old style ring would be an antique style band that accentuates the inner beauty of the diamond through its clarity and cut, or may be a contemporary style band.

Commitment and Luxury Symbol

A woman who sees herself wearing a 5 carat oval diamond ring on her finger is not only talking about how beautiful it is but also about how committed and opulent she wants to be. A piece as important as this is usually used in significant life occasions like engagements, celebrations of anniversaries or other special occasions. It is a symbol of love, achievement and ever-lasting beauty. Wearing a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand is one of the best feelings a woman can have as it makes her feel confident and elegant.

How to Choose a 5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

When selecting a 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand, it’s essential to consider the Four Cs: Four primary factors that are used to describe most diamonds; Carat, Cut, Clarity and color. All of them are beneficial indicators that affect the general look and price of the diamond.

  1. Carat: In particular the size when they are a large diamond like the 5 carat one.
  2. Cut: The quality of the cut of diamond determines how bright it will be. Looking at an oval diamond brilliantly illuminated one can testify that coal has been very well cut.
  3. Clarity: This gauges the flaws or the Flesh in the diamond. A diamond with high clarity cannot be compared with one that has minor imperfections and hence the need to demand for the best.
  4. Color: Conversely, the fewer colors that a diamond exhibits; the higher it is rated in the market. To get the most out of the diamond, one ought to go for a diamond that has a near-to- color less look.

Care Instructions for Your 5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

Maintaining your 5 carat oval diamond ring on hand in the right way requires that you do it frequently. However, one should make sure to clean the ring gently by using a brush and some mild washing soap as this will help to retain the shiny look that is associated with such unique rings. Further, physical check up of the ring with a professional jeweler includes an inspection of the setting as well as cleaning of the gemstone once a year would help to realize whether the setting is still tight and the diamond still sparkles.


The probability of getting a 5 carat oval cut diamond ring on hand is more than just an ornament, it is a wise investment on beauty and class. It has a round dial, and it is considerably large and classic; therefore, it can be considered a worthy addition to someone’s collection if they are interested in purchasing a luxurious wristwatch. In a special event or when just learning and pampering oneself to something special, it helps when one has the 5 carat oval diamond ring handy. Take advantage of this beauty and wear this marvelous gem so that it is on your hand reflecting your elegance.

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