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About Cameron Herrin

After being involved in a street racing collision on Bayshore Boulevard in Florida in 2018, American convicted felon cameron herrin made news. A woman and her infant were killed in the tragedy. The vehicle that killed them belonged to Cameron, who was eighteen.

You’re at the perfect location to learn more about Cameron Herrin’s tale. For more about Cameron’s background, schooling, interests, and prison term, as well as specifics regarding the horrific accident that altered his life, keep scrolling.

Profile Summary

Full NameCameron Coyle Herrin
Date Of Birth9 September, 1999
Age24 yrs
Zodiac SignVirgo 
Place of BirthTexas, United States
Current ResidenceGraceville Correctional Facility, United States
Sexuality Straight 
Height 5’6’’
Hair colour Brown 
Eye colorBlue 
Father Chris 
Mother Cheryl 
Siblings 1
Relationship statusSingle 
ProfessionFormer racer

Facts Related To the Personal Life Of Herrin

Cameron Coyle Herrin, known as Cameron, was born on September 9, 1999, in Texas, United States. He is 24 years old currently, as of early 2024. His parents’ names are Christopher and Cheryl Herrin. Cameron has one older brother, Tristan Christopher Herrin.

Cameron and his brother, Tristan, spent their childhoods in Texas. Their family moved to Florida in 2005. Cameron comes from a rich family, with his mother a retired South Tampa insurance executive and his father a cameraman and editor.

Cameron and his family live in a Mediterranean-style home on West Gardner Court in the Ballast Point district of South Tampa. It includes five bedrooms, five and a half baths, and about 6,000 square feet of space. According to records, they paid $1.4 million for the house.

Family Members Of Cameron Herrin

Chris Herrin is the father of Cameron Herrin. Although family acquaintances claim that Chris worked as a corporate video presentation specialist and videographer, he primarily stayed at home to raise Cameron and his brother. Chris is 64 years old right now.

Cheryl Herrin, Cameron’s mother, was the vice president of State Farm Insurance Company’s Mid-Atlantic zone in those days. She was a member of the Citizens Property Insurance Board of Governors as well. Cheryl is currently 64 years old.

Chris Herrin is the father of Cameron Herrin. Although family acquaintances claim that Chris worked as a corporate video presentation specialist and videographer, he primarily stayed at home to raise Cameron and his brother. Chris is 64 years old right now.

Cameron Herrin Educational Qualifications

Cameron, who was eighteen years old and going to graduate from Tampa Catholic High School in Florida, was involved in a street racing accident on Bayshore Road. He wanted to attend Hillsborough Community College to study marketing.

In 2018 Mustang GT was gifted by his parents that was involved in the collision as a graduation present. John Alexander Barrineau, a classmate and friend of Cameron’s, was also involved in the collision. He had a Nissan Altima in tow.

Cameron’s other senior graduating classmate Andrea Urdaneta said, “We feel bad for Cameron because we just graduated together, but we also feel terrible for the victims and that a husband and father have to go through this world alone.”

Cameron Herrin Bayshore Street Racing Incident

On May 23, 2018, Tampa police arrested Cameron Herrin, his brother Tristan Herrin, and their buddy John Barrineau. Jessica Raubenolt, a 24-year-old mother from Ohio, and her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia Raubenolt, died as a result of a street race.

The accident occurred shortly before noon in the area where W. Knights Avenue crosses Bayshore. Jessica was “attempting a lawful crossing” of the street while carrying Lillia’s three-wheeled stroller when she was struck by Cameron’s black 2018 Ford Mustang.

Cameron was street racing John Barrineau’s gold Nissan Altima with Tristan in the passenger seat at the moment. Cameron’s automobile was traveling at 102 mph, 2.5 times the posted speed limit.

Jessica was certified dead at Tampa General Hospital after the victims arrived. Lillia sustained terrible injuries and died the following day.

Cameron’s attorney, John Fitzgibbons, stated, “I can say at this point that there was no alcohol involved, there were no drugs involved, and the cars stopped immediately at the scene.”

Prior to the event, the Herrin brothers and John Barrineau were on their way to LA Fitness for a quick workout, while Jessica Raubenolt and her daughter Lilia were returning from a lovely morning walk to a family member’s home.

What prison sentence did Herrin get?

In April 2021, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Nash sentenced Cameron Herrin to 24 years in jail for vehicular homicide and illegal racing. The punishment was six years shorter than the maximum statutory term of thirty years.

The judge stated that Cameron’s history of excessive speeding influenced his conclusion. Meanwhile, Tristan was facing up to a year in prison on a street racing charge, which Hillsborough prosecutors later dropped in May 2021.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s friend, John Barrineau, worked out a plea arrangement with the state. He pleaded guilty to two vehicular homicide charges and one misdemeanor racing charge. He was sentenced to six years in Florida State Prison, follow by another 15 years on probation.

Where is Cameron now

Cameron Herrin’s vehicle accident sparked a cult following on social media, with people initiating a campaign to help overturn his sentence, which ultimately failed. A Hillsborough County court denied the motion to shorten his 24-year prison sentence.

Cameron Herrin is presently serving his term at the Graceville Correctional Facility, a private state prison for men in Graceville, Jackson County, Florida.

Cameron’s 24-year prison sentence is likely to be complete in 2044 when he has exhausted all legal options. By then, he’ll be in his early forties.

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