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In today’s innovative world the platform of editing photos has achieved the greatest height. The platform named picnob has gained immense popularity as a photo editing tool which has a wide range of tools that can take your photo to another level. In this blog we will give you in- depth information about this platform and its key features and how it can change your experience of image editing.

What is picnob?

It is an editing platform which can help your projects achieve new heights. The platform contains lots of tools which will edit your photo to give it a new look. It includes effects, text overlay and crop options by which you can elevate your photos. 

Key features of Picnob

This editing platform contains numerous key features which you should make the most use of.

  1. User friendly interface: The platform has been designed in a way that the new beginner is able to use very easily. Due to its user-friendly interface it has gained lots of users.
  2. Exciting Filters and Effects: It provides a wide range of filters and effects to its users so they can elevate their photo according to their style.
  3. Basic Editing Tools: It contains some basic tools such as crop, rotate, resize, zoom in and out. These features help the users to make other changes in their photos to look more enhanced and elevated.
  4. Collage Maker: This feature has become very popular. In this you can arrange the group of photos in one frame with some spaces and borders.
  5. Beautiful Templates: These templates will make your work easy as it contains various types of templates such as summer, winter, Birthday wishes, wedding invitations and also some festivals.
  6. Overlay Texts: In this feature you can text and put emojis on photos to express your feelings and emotions. The overlay text consists of different types of fonts.
  7. Adjustment Tools: Help of adjustment tools you are able to adjust the brightness, shadow, saturation, hue , sharpness, vibrance and more of the photos according to your preferences.
  8. Export and sharing options: It facilitates with exporting the images in any format and can even share your creations directly to the social media platforms.

Rise of Picnob in technology


In this ever changing world the technology has gone to another height. Wearable devices have simultaneously entered our daily lives such as fitness tracking devices and smartwatches. And this platform also provides smartwatch templates. This wearable technology not only makes our life easy but also showcases our personality.

Whether for personal or professional use the picnob has made the remark in the field of wearable technology making the future more bright and colorful. This platform is not only a tool for editing photos but is also a tool that aligns with ever changing technology and to showcase our self personality.

How to get started with Picnob?

It’s very simple to get started with this editing platform and make the most use of its features only you have to follow the given steps.

  • Open your preferred store where you install the apps. Search it for “picnob” in the search bar.
  • You will see the option of “install” just click on it .
  • Once installed on your device  you have to create your account.
  • In order to create your account you have to provide information like username , e-mail id and password.
  • Once an account is created you can explore the world of editing tools and can able to save projects and allow access to your device.

Benefits of using picnob


Here are the some benefits of using this editing tool are given below:

  • Customize your photos.
  • No requirement of registration.
  • Easily make wedding invitations or other birthday wishes photos by using templates.
  • Enhance photos by use of filters and effects.
  • Crop or change the size of the photo to give them a new look.
  • Use collage maker to arrange the groups of photos under one frame.

Is picnob safe to use?

Absolutely it is safe to use as it does not require any registration and personal information of the users . It has strict privacy and security policy which ensures that the information of their users are kept safe. 

Is picnob legal?

There is no particular information about whether it is legal or not. But I would suggest my readers before using it read its terms and policy and may have a good research. If you want to use it without any research then use it at your own risk.


Picnob stands out as a versatile and user-friendly interface editing tool by which you can elevate and enhance your photos to another level. It contains various exclusive features such as effects, filters, templates, basic editing tools, exporting and sharing options and adjustment tools by which you can customize photos in any way you like. 

It is not only an editing tool but also marks the place on wearable technology landscape and also provides templates for smartwatches. So if you are seeking for the editing tool then Picnob is best for you.


All the information provided here are all for informational purposes and in no way do we encourage the usage of third party platforms and privacy. Instad, we recommend our readers to access safe and legal platforms. 

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