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If you are feeling lonely then neet and angel apk is perfect for you. It contains various fantasy and thriller games which will make your day. The game offers exciting features, amazing puzzles, intense battle and breathtaking visuals. Players can also explore hidden treasure and can interact with other characters. Thus this game provides an amazing experience to the gamers who want to play fantasy adventure games. To know more about this game read the article till the very end.

An Overview on Neet and Angel Apk

It is a game which is specially designed for the android users with its unique offers. Neet and angel apk game there is a family of 3 girls in which each one of them has a different personality. Players can also interact with these characters in different ways. 

The platform also allows the players to date the virtual girls of the game. This game can be used by only players who are 18+. The visuals of the game are so high quality that it seems to be so real and fantasy. It is the best game for the people who are feeling lonely and are able to  create a sense of enjoyment and connection.

Salient features of Neet and angle Apk

This game contains various of exciting features that every players should know about it and some of them are given below:

  • Amazing storylines: One of the exciting features of this game is the storylines. As when you will play you get yourself immersed in the daily lives of these 3 girls. Each girl has her own unique personality and choices by which you can also get influenced by them.
  • Exciting dating: This game allows the players to date and can have some naughty stuff with the girls characters. Players can choose any girl out of 3 in which one is the single mother and the other two is her daughter according to their need and desire.
  • Customized characters: The game also has the feature in which the players can change the outfit, hairstyle, makeup and even the accessories of the girl character. They can also change the mood of the character according to the event or occasion.
  • Free to Make choices: Players can make choices about what they want to do in their daily life. They can go to their part-time jobs , take a rest, sleep all the time and can socialize with the girls.
  • Easy control: The gameplay is very easy to understand. You don’t need any professional or technical knowledge to play this game. All the functions can be easily controlled and managed by the users.
  • Mini games gallery: This gaming platform also provides some mini games so that users can feel entertained and can take a break from the main narrative. This mini game contains puzzles, hidden treasures and many more.

Steps to Install Neet and Angle apk

Here are some simple steps to be followed in order to install this game in your device:

  • First open the play store and search this game on the search bar of the play store.
  • Then you will see the game and on down there will be the option of neet and angel apk installing just tap on it.
  • Once it is installed just tap on the game . Now you can enjoy the game.

How to play games in Neet and Angle

It’s a very simple process as this game has a user-friendly interface due to which players can find and play games easily. As there would be 3 girls in which one is the mother and the other 2 is her daughter. You only have to choose any one of them according to your preferences. 

Neet and angle allows to date  and have some naughty stuff with the girl. All the visuals are in High quality due to which it seems realistic. You can do anything with the girls such as flirt , date , help in homework , outings and can do some naughty things. 

Advantages of playing games on neet and angle

There are several advantages of playing this game:

  • Play the game for free: One of the amazing advantages is you can play this game for free on any of your preferred devices.
  • No subscription and registration is required: In order to play games in this application there is no need for subscription and registration like other games.
  • No third party ads: There are no third party apps shown while you are playing the game.
  • User friendly interface: Its interface is designed very simple due to which many new users do not face any difficulty while playing games on this gaming platform.
  • Hd graphics & realistic visuals: These games consist of high quality graphics due to which all the characters look very real.

Disadvantages of playing games on neet and angel 

With some advantages it also have some disadvantages which are listed below:

  • Students will get easily distracted and able to do other work.
  • Lead to increase in screen time.
  • Students will not focus on their studies and other curricular activities.
  • Children may learn other bad things which are not good for them.

Is neet and angel apk safe to use?

Yes it is safe to use and this game can only be played by players who are 18 years of age or above.

Is neet and angel apk legal?

There is no particular information about whether it is legal or illegal. But any app while installing charges any amount then it is illegal. While before using it check it’s privacy policy carefully then only use this platform.


In the end, the neet and angel apk is the best game for people feeling lonely. It contains amazing features and all the visuals are in high quality due to which it looks very real. There are three girls in this game with different characteristics in which players can choose any of them and can have some naughty and hot stuff with the girls.

It also contains a mini game gallery where you can play other games like puzzles, hidden treasure and other adventure games. So install the game and fully enjoy each girl’s character and make your connection grow.


The details that are provided here are for informational purposes and in no way do we encourage the usage of third party platforms or privacy. Instead, we recommend our users to access safe and legal platforms.

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