Unleashing Divine Power: Smite Tier List 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide to Gods Ranked

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the extensive roster of mythological deities in Smite, unsure of which divine entity to select for battle? Fear not, for this comprehensive guide is crafted just for you. In the dynamic realm of Smite, choosing the right gods can make all the difference in your gameplay. Developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios, Smite is a free-to-play action MOBA game that boasts a vast array of legendary mythological figures. With a team of five, embark on a quest to vanquish enemies and thwart evil to ascend the ranks of gameplay mastery.

Understanding the Smite Tier List

To navigate the diverse selection of gods in Smite effectively, we present the Smite Tier List. This invaluable resource categorizes over 100 gods into five main classes: Assassins, Hunters, Warriors, Guardians, and Mages. The gods are further ranked into five distinct tiers, each reflecting their prowess in the current meta.

SS-Tier: Ascendancy Unleashed

At the pinnacle of power, the SS-Tier gods align seamlessly with the current meta, offering domination and a swift path to leveling up. These gods are not just formidable; they redefine the gameplay landscape.

SS-Tier Gods:

  1. Odin (Warrior)
  2. Arachne (Assassin)
  3. Agni (Mage)
  4. Yemoja (Guardian)
  5. Kukulkan (Mage)
  6. Tsukuyomi (Assassin)
  7. Cthulhu (Guardian)
  8. Set (Assassin)
  9. King Arthur (Warrior)

S-Tier: Masters of Magical Might

Just below the SS-Tier, the S-Tier gods exhibit slightly less power but compensate with magical abilities and substantial strength. These gods stand as top-tier choices for any player seeking a divine advantage.

S-Tier Gods:

  1. Thor (Assassin)
  2. Jing Wei (Hunter)
  3. Bakasura (Assassin)
  4. Shiva (Warrior)
  5. Freya (Mage)
  6. Mulan (Warrior)
  7. Athena (Guardian)
  8. Hera (Mage)
  9. Susano (Assassin)
  10. Ah Puch (Mage)
  11. Heimdallr (Hunter)

A-Tier: Tactical Mastery

For those aspiring to refine their skills strategically, the A-Tier gods present an ideal choice. While not as overpowering as the top tiers, these gods provide a pathway to leveling up when employed with tactical finesse.

A-Tier Gods:

  1. Hercules (Warrior)
  2. Ares (Guardian)
  3. Ishtar (Hunter)
  4. Terra (Guardian)
  5. Pele (Assassin)
  6. Zeus (Mage)
  7. Ganesha (Guardian)
  8. Maui (Guardian)
  9. Persephone (Mage)
  10. Vamana (Warrior)
  11. Ravana (Assassin)
  12. Da Ji (Assassin)
  13. Rama (Hunter)
  14. Discordia (Mage)
  15. Fenrir (Assassin)

B-Tier: Average Prowess

In the middle of the spectrum, the B-Tier gods possess sufficient skills to secure victories. While not extraordinary, these gods can contribute effectively to a team’s success.

B-Tier Gods:

  1. Achilles (Warrior)
  2. Izanami (Hunter)
  3. Lancelot (Assassin)
  4. Bellona (Warrior)
  5. Atlas (Guardian)
  6. The Morrigan (Mage)
  7. He Bo (Warrior)
  8. Medusa (Hunter)
  9. Chronos (Mage)
  10. Khepri (Guardian)

C-Tier: Caution Advised

At the bottom of the tier list, the C-Tier gods are the weakest in terms of skills and abilities. It is advisable to steer clear of these gods if you aim for victory and progression in the game.

C-Tier Gods:

  1. Kali (Assassin)
  2. Amaterasu (Warrior)
  3. Charybdis (Hunter)
  4. Bacchus (Guardian)
  5. Hades (Mage)
  6. Nu Wa (Mage)
  7. Xing Tian (Guardian)
  8. Artemis (Hunter)
  9. Anubis (Mage)


In the ever-evolving world of Smite, staying attuned to the meta is crucial for success. This Smite Tier List serves as your beacon, guiding you to the most powerful gods based on their current standing. Keep returning to this page for updates, ensuring that you always select the gods best suited for dominating the battlefield. Choose wisely, harness divine power, and let the gods lead you to victory in Smite!


Q: What is the main objective of Smite Tier List 2024?

A: The Smite Tier List 2024 aims to provide players with a comprehensive ranking of over 100 gods in the game, helping them make informed choices about which deities to select for battles. The tier list categorizes gods into five tiers (SS, S, A, B, and C), offering insights into their current meta standing and effectiveness in gameplay.

Q: How are gods classified in the Smite Tier List?

A: Gods in Smite Tier List are classified based on their roles into five main classes: Assassins, Hunters, Warriors, Guardians, and Mages. Each class encompasses a diverse range of mythological deities, and within these classes, gods are further ranked into five tiers according to their power and effectiveness in the current game meta.

Q: Why should players consider the Smite Tier List when choosing their gods?

A: The Smite Tier List serves as a strategic guide for players, offering valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each god. By referring to the tier list, players can make informed decisions, selecting gods that align with the current meta and optimizing their chances of success in battles. It provides a roadmap for players seeking to level up their gameplay by choosing gods strategically.

Q: Is the Smite Tier List a static ranking, or does it evolve over time?

A: The Smite Tier List is not static; it evolves over time to reflect the dynamic nature of the game’s meta. As the developers introduce balance changes and new content, the tier list is updated accordingly. Players are encouraged to revisit the tier list regularly for the latest rankings, ensuring they stay informed about the shifting landscape of god effectiveness in Smite.

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