Unveiling the Warriors: For Honor Tier List 2023 – Ranking Heroes from Best to Worst

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For Honor, Ubisoft’s groundbreaking action-packed game, boasts an array of 29 unique heroes, each embedded with their own distinctive strengths and vulnerabilities. Navigating through this diverse selection can be bewildering, especially for those seeking the perfect hero to conquer the battlefield. Fear not, for this comprehensive article unveils the For Honor Tier List, categorising all heroes from the apex to the bottom tier. 

For Honor Tier List: All Heroes Ranked 2023

This tier list meticulously evaluates For Honor’s heroes based on their overall power and their ability to consistently emerge victorious, particularly in the highly popular game modes such as Brawl, Dominion, and Duel, which dominate the player base.

S-Tier Heroes: The Apex Predators

These are the champions that stand tall above all, showcasing unparalleled strength, impeccable defense, and survivability that borders on the extraordinary.

  1. Conqueror (Knights)
  2. Nobushi (Samurai)
  3. Jiang Jun (Wu Lin)
  4. Kyoshin (Samurai)
  5. Warmonger (Knights)
  6. Shinobi (Samurai)
  7. Warlord (Vikings)

A-Tier Heroes: Powerhouses in Their Own Right

These heroes wield immense power and are adept at holding their own against any adversary. A mastery of these heroes can make them formidable in all game modes.

  1. Kensei (Samurai)
  2. Hitokiri (Samurai)
  3. Shugoki (Samurai)
  4. Black Prior (Knights)
  5. Nuxia (Wu Lin)
  6. Shaolin (Wu Lin)
  7. Berserker (Vikings)
  8. Raider (Vikings)
  9. Gryphon (Knights)

B-Tier Heroes: Solid Performers

While not the absolute best, these heroes still exhibit prowess when wielded by skilled players. They can hold their ground but may struggle against S and A-tier opponents.

Pirate (Outlanders)

Jormungandr (Vikings)

Afeera (Outlanders)

Shaman (Vikings)

Zhanhu (Wu Lin)

Highlander (Vikings)

Nobushi (Samurai)

C-Tier Heroes: Struggling to Stay Afloat

Heroes in this tier exhibit below-average performance and are likely to lose most matchups against skilled opponents.

  1. Centurion (Knights)
  2. Valkyrie (Vikings)
  3. Orochi (Samurai)
  4. Lawbringer (Knights)

D-Tier Heroes: Approach with Caution

Considered the weakest in the roster, these heroes should be approached with caution and avoided if possible.

  1. Peacekeeper (Knights)
  2. Aramusha (Samurai)
  3. Tiandi (Wu Lin)
  4. Warden (Knights)
  5. Gladiator (Knights)


In the vast world of For Honor, selecting the right hero is crucial for achieving victory. The tier list serves as a guide, but personal playstyle and preferences should not be overlooked. Experiment with different heroes, hone your skills, and find the warrior that resonates with your style of combat. Whether you ascend to the apex with an S-tier hero or carve your path with a B or C-tier champion, the key to success lies in mastering your chosen warrior.

In the ever-evolving landscape of For Honor, heroes may receive updates and adjustments, influencing their tier placement. Stay tuned to patch notes and community discussions to stay abreast of the latest developments. May your blades stay sharp, and your battles in For Honor be epic!


Q: What factors were considered in ranking the For Honor heroes in the tier list?

A: The For Honor heroes were ranked based on their overall power level and their ability to consistently win fights, with a particular focus on popular game modes like Brawl, Dominion, and Duel. The tier list takes into account a hero’s strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness in various scenarios.

Q: Why are S-Tier heroes considered the apex predators in For Honor?

A: S-Tier heroes in For Honor are regarded as the apex predators due to their exceptional combination of strong attacks, impeccable defense, and top-tier survivability. These heroes excel in various game modes, making them the go-to choice for players who seek unparalleled performance on the battlefield.

Q: How should players approach C-Tier heroes in For Honor?

A: C-Tier heroes in For Honor struggle against skilled opponents and exhibit below-average performance. Players should approach these heroes with caution and be aware that they might face challenges in winning matchups. However, personal skill, strategy, and playstyle can still contribute to success even with C-Tier heroes.

Q: Is the For Honor tier list static, or can it change over time?

A: The For Honor tier list is not static and can change over time. As the game undergoes updates and balance adjustments, hero abilities may be modified, potentially influencing their effectiveness on the battlefield. Players should stay

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