0981 What network: A Complete Overview

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Most of the people want to know the service provider before Buying any mobile number. In most of the countries people identify the service providers with the help of assigned number prefixes and 0981 number code is also one of such prefixes. This is the reason that today we are going to query regarding the popular prefix in philippines- 0981 what network is it? 

So join us to discover about 0981 and whether it “is a smart or globe prefix”. We will also give information about the particular code.

0981 What network is it?

The 0981 what network has been very popular in the Philippines for a long time. It is one of the top notch networks whose offerings lead to a rise in users over time. Some of the common formats to write the mobile number with this code are:

  • 0981xxxxxxx
  • +63981xxxxxxx
  • 981xxxxxxx


If you are living outside the Philippines and you need a number with this code , then please use the second format that is +63981xxxxxxx.

Many of the 0981 SIM owners are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided by the company. But most of them are completely unaware about the actual service provider of their sim card.

As we have mentioned earlier, network operators are identified by their domains of number prefixes. Many people are confused about whether the code 0981 is under globe or smart. You will find out the real operator behind the 0981 prefix in the next section.

Is 0981 Part of Smart Or Global?

0981 what network

So the answer is , 0981 belongs to the smart community. This means all the users can enjoy the comprehensive coverage in most of the areas.

Globe telecom and smart community belong to the top network lists of the Philippines. While globe telecom has a great providing quality data services and Smart community has enhanced his performance in calls and Connectivity.

It is sure that the 0981 Network comes under the smart community. As it comes with various awesome promos offered by the telecom giant.

As we have cleared the question about whether 0981 is part of the globe or smart, now we can finally move to the big question i.e.. Is 0981 Smart or TNT?

The service and the network coverage provided by the operator are so precise that it is hard to believe by the people that only smart telecommunications can manage it easily and that too in an utmost level of protection. 

In the section below you will get the answer to your questions.

Is 0981 Smart or TNT ?

The 0981 is only part of smarts territory. The TNT sim cards do not cover the particular prefix in their sphere. So when you are choosing the tip up plan please check whether the plan works for the smart sim cards or not.

However, you won’t be able to access tnt unli data promos , buy you can saw other attractive deals and some if them are listed below:

  • Magic data
  • Powerall
  • Promo load
  • Gilas power
  • Giga
  • Double Giga+
  • All access data

However you can also check what sim is 0981 through your mobile phone. You will get full information about this topic in Below.

Steps to check what SIM is 0981

In case if you want to know about what SIM is 0981 here are the two different methods given below:

Check 0981 what network through the phone settings

To check what sim is 0981 via phone settings follow the given instructions:

  • First, open your phone settings.
  • Then open the sim cards & Mobile Network section.
  • Tap on the slot which Contains your 0981 SIM card.
  • The service provider name will be on your screen.

Check 0981 what network through the browser

With the use of a browser you can simply check the service provider name online. All the steps are listed below:

  • Search for ‘Free Carrier Lookup’ on your preferred browser.
  • You will see a new page , select your country at the drop down.
  • Then in the text box enter your mobile number.
  • You will see your service provider and other details are listed on the page.

What should you know about your service provider?

As the time passed many people realized that why is Knowing the service provider is very important. It is very necessary to know what you are signing yourself before buying any SIM card. And every person should research the basic information related to your telecom provider.

Here is the list of the common factors to choose the service provider before buying a SIM card.

  • Brand Reputation: The reputation and goodwill of the telecom provider plays an important role in forecasting the performance. So always look for the reputed providers in your country.
  • Regional Coverage: Always check the coverage provided by the different phone carriers in your region. And always choose the offers with the best overall coverage.
  • Top Up structure: See through the top plans provided by the company. And always compare the prices structure with the other telecom companies.
  • Network Coverage: Another important point is how far the network coverage lasts? Does the network work in the rural areas and outskirts of the city? Find the answers to such questions.
  • Supporting Devices:Some of the sim cards do not support all types of devices. So, always keep your mobile specification in mind before buying any SIM card.
  • Customer Service: And always pick the provider who offers quality customer support to solve all your issues very quickly.

So always make a plan before and decide what features to choose and in which part you want to compromise. This will help you to find the right telecom carrier for you.

There is no doubt that 0981 Network offers a wide range of coverage and a wider collection of recharge plans.


In the end, 0981 what network is it? You’ve got the answer to this question. It is one of the best networks in the Philippines which has a good coverage and also has a wide collection of recharge plans so that people can choose any kind of plan according to their need and preferences. And all the must know about the service provider and the steps to know about this are mentioned above.


All the information given about 0982 what network is well researched and are all for informational purposes and in no way do we encourage the usage of third party platforms and privacy. Instead , we recommend our readers to use safe and legal platforms.

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